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  • New Price:$6,000 Neg 
  • Status:For Sale 
  • Ad Date:6th August, 2017 
  • Last Updated:16th August, 2017 
  • Sire:Jasper 
  • Gender:Gelding 
  • Breed:Thoroughbred 
  • Colour:Brown 
  • Height:16.2hh 
  • Age:13yrs 
  • Horse Location:WA 
  • Region:Perth 
  • Town:Kalamunda 
  • Discipline:Show Jumping, PC/ARC, Dressage, All Rounder 

Are you looking for a first big horse for your teenaged child, but are deeply concerned that they will not be able to control a thoroughbred?

In particular, are you looking for a horse that is calm, tractable, does not shy or buck and is reasonably well advanced, but not too old?

Your children aside, are you looking for a horse for yourself that you can trust and which you can ride for pleasure, or perhaps you want a horse for your child which you can share?

Tiny (16.2 hh) answers all the above criteria.  He is a big, strong bay 13 year old wb/tb cross by the wb showjumping stallion Jasper, whose progeny are noted for their exceptional temperament.  He is easy to shoe, give worm pastes to or do his teeth  (I tie him up and do him myself – he has soft soles and must have front shoes), and trots up onto the truck.  

 At shows he stands quietly for hours while tied up and does not pull back. 

He does NOT shy, instead gradually moving away as he comes closer to something he is unsure of.

He jumps 1 m on his ear, 1.10 after he has been warmed up and has jumped 1.20.   He  has a perfect jumping technique, but I wish to make clear that he does not enjoy jumping.

He has also won a prelim dressage class and performs shoulder in and leg yield, as well as walk/canter and canter/walk transitions, happily.

 If you are interested please come and ride him at my property or at the local pony club grounds.  You won't be disappointed.

$6,000 to good home only.                                  0478 631 280.

Glen McLaren
Tel: 9293 2135

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