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  • Olympic Eventing bloodlines - Eventing, Dressage or Showjumping
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  • Statford Mojave Genuine Schoolmaster
    X Warmblood
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  • 10 Fulmer Rise Eclipse Lippazana Gelding, 16yrs, 15.2HH.
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  • Riverina II Beautiful Welsh D mare of show quality
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Instruction - Have a GREAT ride every ride

  • Business Name:Peace & Equestrian 
  • Business Address:Wattle Grove 
  • Location:WA
  • Region:Perth
  • Town:Wattle Grove
  • Last Updated:4th August, 2017 

With over 35 years’ experience with horses in the areas of Eventing, Dressage, Horsemanship, Breeding, Float Training, Re-Training Racehorses to Show Horses, Trimming Hooves, Clipping, Starting unbroken Warmbloods, Competing her own horses and Campaigning other peoples’, Pip Easton is a wealth of information with a calm, no ego approach.

She is passionate about helping people connect deeply to their horse through calm energy, clear intention and consistent, kind training. 

She studied with the French Classical Dressage Master and the top Swiss trainer for 5 years learning the language of the aids and connecting with the horses’ needs for balance, self-carriage, softness and lightness. 

With a PhD in life experiences with all things equine, she loves helping people find peace with their horse, whether it be in the ground manners, ridden work or float training.

If you’ve ever imagined having a great ride, every ride, Pip is here to help you succeed with clear communication, softness and peace. 

 Call her today Peace & Equestrian 0407 08 77 99

Wattle Grove
Tel: 0407 08 77 99

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