Bevanlee Stud also breeds Griffons

The Griffon as our breed is collectively known comes in two varieties, the rough coated Griffon Bruxellois and the smooth coated Petite Brabancon, these each come in two main colours (red and black) they also come in Black and Tan however this colour is unavailable in WA.

The Griffon is a Toy Breed with a big personality, they can be quite vocal, are good guard dogs, love doing what ever you find interesting whether it be hiking or reading and watching TV. Griffon's have been described as “The Connoisseurs Breed” and the rule seems to be “once owned by a Griffon always owned by a Griffon” they are hardy, healthy little dogs with good appetites and strong digestive systems and they usually live well into their teens

They are very intelligent, generally have a great sense of humour are terrific to live with and make the best companions. As I am sitting at the computer typing this my "Katie Rabbit" is sitting on my lap supervising…..I don't have the heart to tell her she isn't really helping!

They are very addictive, people seldom seem to have just one. Living with a Griffon can bring you happiness with their exuberance, frustration with their occasional obstinacy but never will they bring one moment of regret for having chosen this unique breed to share your life.

We at Bevanlee only breed smooth Griffon's I can't cope with the twice yearly clipping and trimming of eye hair with the rough's.

So if you would like to come for a visit and meet the Griff's please phone for an appointment.

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