A fun all rounder genuine kind of guy.


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Carefully and cleverly schooled more towards natural horsemanship / western style and learnt some Liberty work
Slick rides light off a loose contact with seat and voice aids
He is a big moving horse, well balanced and requires a rider with good balance and soft hands themselves.
He also has shown scope over a fence and competed a few times at 70cm but hasn’t jumped for some time
He’s become quite a one person type horse and for this he’s going to take a special person to take the time with him to readjust to a new person riding him
He can be a bit spooky ( looks not bolts ) and excited out trail riding but with consistency he settles down
His ground manners are perfect so could be a lovely breed show horse for someone too
He is fully shod , wormed, dentist, self loads, in superb albeit hairy winter condition. He has an old scar up the near side hind cannon but it’s not overly noticeable and is 110% sound in every way
No vices other than he’s grumpy to do his girth up and will nip if given the chance
He is only for sale due to his owner retiring from horses to an experienced home
‼️My definition of “Experienced”
A person who has many years riding and training an array of different types and ages of horses confidently on their own and can quickly adapt their way of riding to suit each individual horse.
No nervous, inexperienced riders please.
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