Prints Of Art

A perfect blank canvas ready to imprint under saddle.



Prints Of Art 

Sire “Some are Unique Boys” USA IMP    PAINT
Dam “Boston Onyx” QH
Bred By Leanne Hayward 

This is a rare find,  A blank canvas,ready to be imprinted with your skills and style.
Prints is All quality, easy to keep in prime condition, his head is in the moment, easy learner, pivots on the fore, yields, respects round pen work, loves to play.
He’s been My best friend of 9 years, this beautiful looking jet black gelding, is very attractive and will lure any one who views him.  
Prints was 10 years old Sept  2020,    
I have had him since he was 9 mths, lots of timeless ground work has been put into Prints as a foal and as a growing stud.  He was incredibly well mannered as a stallion, with great sucess breeding coloured foals.  He is registered pinto, broken colour and comes with recorded PHAA registry.

Prints is Available for purchase to an experienced person as he requires further education.  I trained Prints with natural horsemanship skills and l attended clinics with the Late Lou Francis.  He had a huge influence on my skills changing my ways.  Prints is a result of playing, respect,  Education, Leading and positive reinforcement Result  Happy  balanced horse.
Prints was introduced to liberty  at 3 for a short season with Andrea Breen.
He did well and if reintroduced now as a mature gelding lm sure he’d remember as he always processes things retaining the Experience and lessons. 
One can stand on this boy and lay on his back, bounce an exercise ball under his belly and beside, flagged down , the agility course didn’t phase him took it and the bridge is all in his stride.
He’s done Lead line with my grandchildren all his life and ridden at a walk.  
He’s just waiting.
I am now too disabled and can’t ride or go any further with  his education,  l have given him 12 months spelling, (with hard feed hay and pasture). I can’t put this off any longer so emotions aside this is about him and time to find the right person to take on from where we are.
Prints has been successfully used for breeding. He retired 3 years ago where he has given up looking at the mares and lost his mangoes.
He has Great confirmation, straight legs which are unblemished.  Hooves Trimmed regularly, loves attention and baths, good to transport etc. 
Prints Responds to Confident leader, so it’s of utmost importance an Experienced Adults take him on. I will be giving precedence to  adult over a young people unless interest evolves with a knowledgeable family.
Not suitable for beginners as it’s not in Prints best interest to be given mixed messages under saddle.
I’m giving up all my gear including a beautiful western saddle and a generous package of good close to new- if not is, tack rugs n gear.  Bridle bits all new never used.

Located West Pinjarra

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