Helpful Harry

All-rounder Gentleman



If you’re tired of horses with hassle, Helpful Harry may be your perfect match. Yes his name sums him up well! 
Straight forward to float, worm, shoe & handle, sensible in the paddock, good at the beach, on roads & on trail rides. 
He has the desire to please inherent with so many TBs and 4 years of pony club to prove his temperament. 
Harry has competed at 80cm Eventing (schooling higher) and novice dressage. He learns quickly and will thus reward any schooling efforts put in. 
Harry would suit a variety of riders, from PC to adult riders, or someone wanting a horse with potential to move up a few jumping heights. 
He is the rare find of a straightforward horse with experience yet still young enough to grow with a new rider. 
He will need to remain fully shod. 
He has been seen to windsuck a couple of times but we haven’t bothered with a collar as it appears very mild. 
Vet checks welcome and all questions happily answered by genuine seller. 
Please contact owner Jess Hawkes 0431244644
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