Companion Horse to Exceptional Home Only



Are you looking for a great companion horse?   Want a very easy to handle  horse?

–   14.2H Quarter Horse Mare approx 15yrs of age
–   Very gentle horsenality
–   Independent.  Great to leave at home alone and doesn’t stress!
–   Great teeth!  So my equine dentist tells me. 
–   Not a problem to float. 
Rescue mare – would benefit greatly from more one on one attention which I am unable to give her. 
Recovered from founder but is doing well these days but not rideable. 
Suit a property not to rich in feed in the winter. 
Barefoot trimmer required – but I would like to continue to trim her when she is re-homed if not to far to travel as I have put a lot of time into her rehabiliation. 
Only serious enquiries  – but happy to discuss her further. 
PREFER homing in Perth general area.   
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