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Friendly sweet mare looking for semi retirement home



I have had Ms Boo for 3 years and she is the most popular lady at the stables. I bought her from Boynanup Brook a lady who had a few horses and did stock work. She was moving to Adelaide. I paid $4500 for her on the spot and took her. Skip was 17 years old, quarter horse paint mare sorrel.
Should of got a vet check.
I took her home and rode her as normal walk trot etc  and she went terribly lame.
4 months off work after going to the vet and having treatment, skip was then given vet direction to have light work. Ligaments in her front leg not great. Reviewing her legs myself, scarred up.
After the expense of it all, I have only walked her. Fine. Rarely she may be a wee bit lame but the vet said it’s ok to ride her lightly as it’s better for her.
There has been no problem for the past 2 years and 8 months and she has been back to vet every year and been seen. West Coast vets and Murdoch vet.
She is always going to sometime, be a tiny bit lame but there is no issue to ride her at a walk. No rocks surfaces or hills. Skip leg yields, stops fine, turns and is a great ride.
All good for longs rides on a flat surface, sand, road or meadow. I have rode her to bibra lake and Murdoch vet from Fremantle and back all good. By herself.
I currently ride her  3 or 4 times a week along roads, footpaths, cycleways, grass fields, beach, in water at the ocean up to her whither and on firebreaks. 
She is a very good girl, forward and listens. No bad shy, just a shudder. Likes to be out the front but I make a point of riding her around in the trail ride with others, first, second and last etc. 
If skip sees the ride leave her, she can get a little upset but I still do that on occasion. Others may go for a gallop on the beach so I peel off and ride on the cycleway. Skip is controllable. May step a little quicker, neigh and head goes up but if you are the boss, all ok.
Good ground manners, little bit of a pig should not be left with a hay roll for weeks as gets fat. Limit the time. Skip is super friendly and if she sees a pedestrian while out riding, will slightly start heading towards them to have a chat. Not being naughty just likes people. She is like a person and is keen on spending time with you.
I am looking for a new home for Ms Boo as I have 4 horses and have made the crappy decision that after losing my second job and the cost of living, I am going to move 2 horses on.
If you would like to call or txt or message, happy to answer all questions.
Skippy would be a great mount for someone who is happy to go for long walks together riding in the bush, beach, plains or roads. Sounds romantic hey!
Thank you
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