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With a heavy heart we offer our Napoleon on the market to an intended forever home

As we are looking to get a pony for our little girl to grow into we have decided to find the perfect new family for our boy.

Napoleon is a 10hh and 10 year old Shetland x mini gelding. Yes too big to be a mini but too small to be a Shetland..

Napoleon is every little girls dream, for a small tot up and leadline only he is absolutely faultless in every aspect. This pony has done nothing but be a guardian for my little girl. She has put him through the ringer of patience and he has always just “put up and shut up” with her antics.

Napoleon has been the perfect and bombproof leadline pony here on the farm. Paddocked with both mares and geldings in a herd environment he happily sits at the bottom of the pecking order in our herd.

This is a pony that I hand on heart guarantee safety with little tots on the ground and on the lead. He will stand for hours and be groomed, my little girl sits between his back legs and brushes his tail..

I have ponyed him around the farm off other horses with Miss 2 onboard (who by the way thinks she doesn’t ever need to hold on 🙄) and although it’s a slow trip Napoleon happily wanders along behind..

With us he has only ever been a farm pony. We have taken him out to other places with other horses/ponies and he’s not set a foot wrong. If our little girl is on board he will look after her the entire time.

Napoleon will not tolerate older children nor will he be ridden off the lead without showing some pony sass. He will quite happily buck and carry on his merry way sporting a big grin with or without his jockey – A gutsy child won’t have any issues with this as he’s previously done EVERYTHING with his last owner off the lead including the beach, bush rides, jumping, pony club etc however she was an amazing little jockey and getting bucked off didn’t faze her – but for this reason he’s only for sale as a bombproof leadline pony, if you have a child who is game then by all means let them go but for the safety of children who aren’t so brave or knowledgeable this needs to be put across the board diligently.

He has won a couple of champion pony and champion rider ribbons on more than one occasion, he will also quite literally do anything for a carrot. He can count, stand on things and is perfecting his bow. He is easy to lead, tie, float, clip, trim, wash, take inside the house (🙄), use to all aspects of farm life and is use to tractors, trucks, dogs running between his back legs, barking, chickens on his back while he eats (sounds like a zoo,I know 🤭) he has previously done 50 hours in a cart also.

We have not once had an issue with this little guy, we would love to see him go to another farm home as he thoroughly enjoys this lifestyle. Can be left in the paddock for weeks and pulled out with no issues.. if we had the room to keep him we absolutely would have him for life.

Never had issues with grass and feed, doesn’t require special maintenance but does need his teeth done yearly due to slight parrot mouth. Does not affect him at all

No tyre kickers please ❤️
Private mail me to discuss suitability, price and home

Price includes: bridle, winter rug, fly viel, brand new fly boots, halter, lead and near new Tekna pony saddle/pad

Loads of videos available
Located in Boddington

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