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DVZ Valdi

Reliable Well Mannered and Educated Gelding



Are you looking for a horse that has been there, done that, is pleasant and quiet to handle in every way, is a breeze to take out and is well educated and campaigned? Are you wanting a reliable mount for ARC or a pleasant trail horse? 

Look no further. You’ve found him. 

On the ground, Squiggle is a perfect floater, goes to sleep being clipped, is easy to catch, always a gentleman for the farrier and he has excellent sturdy feet (unshod). He maintains show condition on good quality hay or paddock feed only and is a very easy keeper. He has impeccable manners and will stand tied to the float for hours without a worry. Steady natured and always consistent. He is officially measured at 16.2 1/2 hh. 

Squiggle has competed successfully in recent years in both official and unofficial dressage and show jumping, competing to Novice dressage and 1.10m showjumping, trained elem/med at home and jumped to 1.20m in training.

He is an uncomplicated ride with a nice mouth and no vices. He is as close to bombproof in traffic as a live horse can get, and camels, cows, geese etc are no problem. Tree stumps can be a little scary, and he will snort and stare, need a kind word, and that’s the extent of it. Has done plenty of trail riding and been to the beach, fine to ride bareback in a halter etc, no dirt in him. He is my most trustworthy ride and you can leave him in the paddock literally for months and just hop straight on and it’s like you worked him yesterday. Those horses are rare treasures, hence my decision to sell him has not come lightly.

He is not suited to a beginner but is fine for a competent intermediate rider. He might throw in an unexpected flying change if you give an aid without realising for example but if he really doesn’t understand what you are asking he will wait patiently until you ask him right! He is a big horse however and very solid, so you will need to be confident around him even though he is quiet. He rides like a very large pony as he is short coupled and roly poly! 

He has been returned to light work in recent months after a 6 month paddock spell. He is no longer suitable as a competition prospect as he has some physical issues that will limit his work load. 

I am being very transparent and open about what is wrong with him and what he is best suited to, which is light work. By light work I mean show hunter hack, adult rider’s club mount, trail riding etc – prelim level work and maybe a jump to 75cm or so he is sound and fine for as advised by examining vet. He would make a very nice show hunter hack, and if he doesn’t sell I will probably try to find the time to take him out as a hunter this season. 

He was vetted late last year by a top diagnostician as I felt he was just not quite right when jumping and his performance was subpar. He developed a sticky stifle and I felt it was a secondary issue due to muscle atrophy from saving something painful elsewhere, although it was subtle. Xrays revealed hock spurs and scans showed proximal suspensory desmitis in both hind limbs, so very collected dressage work and jumping are not comfortable for him. He also has tied up mildly in fast work in the past, which will not be a problem for normal light work. He is welcome to be vetted by prospective purchasers of course.

Essentially he is a lovely horse, but not an athlete for the higher levels. He still has a lot to offer the right rider at the lower levels. 

I have priced him at $5,000 which I feel is very fair for a beautifully bred, beautifully educated horse with his limitations. I want him to be loved and valued and to give someone pleasure. I have other horses to work and haven’t the time or more importantly the energy to ride him for my own pleasure, and so he is taking a bit of a backseat currently, which he is unimpressed with. He likes to be the number one and be pampered.

I am open to reasonable negotiation on price, but a suitable loving home is very important. 

He is freshly clipped, rugged, up to date with farrier/worming etc and ready to ride. A trial period may be negotiable for the right person. 

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    Chrystie Lewis
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    25th March, 2011


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