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Belle is a lovely girl who was purchased with the intention of my son riding her but he would rather play Xbox and we just cant fit 3 horses onto our new 5 acre property.  We don’t know much about her as her past is sketchy but vet thinks she is about 12yrs old but could be a bit older, and that at some point she has had a good amount of training.

She is an ex riding school horse and is generally a calm and safe cob especially riding long reined and in the bush/trails.

Belle has had a wide veriety of riders on her from beginners to intermediate and also a couple of RDA riders.  She is unfazed by most things like dogs, motorbikes, tractors etc but even though she is a pretty unflappale girl, we think she is best suited as a second horse or experienced rider as she has fast paces and can be a little hard in the mouth at times.

Belle is a real character of a horse.  She is not a marey mare although she has got the marey look down pat which I think she developed at the riding school to get her out of work.  We don’t see it very often anymore as she knows it doesn’t work on us.  She no vices, is great to float and lead, is respectful and she is a real sweet heart and a pleasure to have around.

She has excellent confirmation, great heavy legs and feet and is an easy doer.  She has a couple of old scars (one is a raised hematoma looking one but we have had it checked and also had a previous horse with basically the same scar on the same spot so we know its not an issue and it does not affect her in any way) on her rear right leg which don’t affect her and a couple around her bottom.  She has no vices, is the first to come to you for a scratch, is easy to do anything with, loves the beach and water, is happy to be with other horeses or by herself, will lead a ride or follow, and is just an easy girl to have around.

Our hope for Belle is that she finds a permant home as she is screaming out to be given more love and attention which my daughter is finding hard to do with 3 horses and a lot of school work.  I think she would be perfect for an older rider who wants to get back into riding as a confidence boost or to someone wanting a nice, quiet pleasure horse.  Having said this, she does have a lovely natural frame and jumps really well.  I think pleasure riding would be her pick if she got to pick one though as this is where she is most confident and comfortable.

We are not doing trials sorry as she came back from one recently with pulled muscles in her groin from doing some inappropriate and unprepared state games work on her.  She has had a couple of months off to recover as it was pretty sore for her and we are going to start putting her back into work.  She is still slightly short on that leg but have had it all checked by physio/bowen and its healed nicely and wont be an ongoing issue.  She just needs to stretch those muscles out again and get her fit before riding her on a tight circle in frame.  We are happy for you to ride her as much as you like here and also very open to vet checks or checking our own medical records prior to the sale.

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