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Handsome Thoroughbred Gelding.

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* PLEASE NOTE: This black/brown Thoroughbred gelding is FOR LEASE to a suitable home, with the option to purchase.

Suitable for an experienced and confident rider.

D.O.B 22/9/12.

Retired from racing 2/3/17. Lightly raced, 13 starts during three preparations (Albany racing seasons).

** On the 30th of July 2017, Rebel competed in Albany’s “Have a go Hack day”. It was his first casual competition. Won Champion Hack for the class that he was in, 30-40 yr old riders class. Also first in the Trot class and second in the “pairs”. 

*** Since July this year, Rebel has been to Albany Equestrian Centre and has competed in the In Hand classes and Dressage.

On the 18th and 19th of August 2018. He was in the Les Bunning Show Jumping Clinic. He enjoys the Jumping and seems to show some potential. Les made comment saying that Rebel can and enjoys the jumping. He just needs more regular riding to do better. (I am not experienced with riding in the Equestrian Industry).

Sian…the lady whom has been riding Rebel for us, is not in the posititon to take him on, so we don’t want him to go to waste.

Early history on Rebel…

He was broken in and educated by my partner and I. We have owned him since he was 10 months old. 

‘Rebel’ has that “bling”.  He is registered Brown/black, with white markings on all four legs. 

*Officially measured 16.1hh.

Rebel’s nature is superb, he does not bite nor kick. Loves attention. Very easy to ride, even after a long spell. He does not shy. Very athletic and enthusiastic. He can get on the bit but he hasn’t bolted.

*After going over a jump, he likes to keep going, so he can move quite quickly to the next jump.

He is sound with good legs and feet. He does seem to have a bit of a breathing affirmity. We have not had him Scoped. The reason being that my partner and I have had experience with Racehorses having breathing issues, yet they were still able to compete and perform well enough in their races.

To give you an example on what speed Rebel could manage comfortably in track work, he was able to gallop 600 meters on a sand track and a grass track , anywhere between 36-38 seconds, depending on the condition of the surface. He was and still is a good worker. With a Cross over Nose-band, his breathing was less noticeable. So if you would like to put one on, at least you know that he will be fine wearing it.

He does like his mates being around. He has sometimes been on his own, he is okay for a little while if you need to take another horse out or away.

He is use to being with other horses while in training and when spelling, yet he is fine when ridden on his own, he doesn’t have to work with another horse. He is a very complying horse.

Excellent to handle, loads onto any float whether it be straight or side load. Can handle long float journeys.

He behaves well for the Farrier (my partner Kevin is one) and having his teeth attended to, either by Kevin or a Horse Dentist if needing to have them done.  Loves to work. Enjoys being ridden on the beach and while wading he likes to play in the water. (He has not been to a beach where there is big waves crashing on the sand).

He is use to grazing with cattle and other horses in large/ paddocks, also sensible in a walk in walk out stable. 

If you think that Rebel could be the horse for you…and that you could help him to excel in his new disciple, please ring either Kevin 0411437429 or myself 0428423914 for more details and more recent photos.

Please try not to send text or private messages. If preferred you can send an email to Kevin and I.  You could let us know a bit about yourself etc.                                       winehorse.05[email protected]

Thank you.

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