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Sunny (Brayside Sundance) is an 11.2hh 12yr old gelding. He is registered as Part Welsh, Palomino (with the United Palomino White Buckskin & Dun assoc), Riding Pony and Arabian Riding Pony. He is also eligible for APSB registration (both parents are rego’d) and he is microchipped.

We bought him 2.5yrs ago for our daughter to learn to ride on. WIth more woah than go, he is a fabulous lead rein pony and for kids coming off the lead. We have taken him to a couple of shows and he was very well behaved. He had won most of his classes at every show and came home with champion lead line at the Gidgegannup show in 2016.

We also took him to one of the Mogumber Junior Rodeo’s with some friends and once he’d had a quick look at the cows (I don’t think he’d ever seen one before) he was foot perfect and very well behaved. He wasn’t phased when all the bigger kids on their big QH’s were cantering around him in the arena to warm up and my daughter, who had only started cantering on him 2 days prior, even won the Western Bending on him! 

He has been going to regular lessons and has also done a year of pony club with us (and several years with his previous owner). Our daughter started the year on lead and PC and was soon off lead, winning the high point award for her group at PC this year too. 

Just recently my daughter completed her first dressage test on him at the Waldon Cup. They did the prep test and he was great. Easy for her to warm up out in the big arena at the Gidgegannup show grounds and happily taking her around her test to score 65%! 

When his little rider is ready to start cantering he will pop into canter and just stay at his steady pace. My daughter started cantering on him by riding him to the end of the arena, turning back towards everyone else, giving him a kick and holding on to the monkey strap. He would pop into canter and just quietly canter back to us. He never rushed back. If anything he needs a bit of encouragement to canter so the kids always feel in control. 

He is amazing to take out on the trails, either being led, ponied from another horse or being ridden independantly. My daughter is able to ride him while I’m on my horse and he has always been great. He hasn’t been phased by anything we’ve come across.

He doesn’t absoltuely love water, though if you give him some time and slowly convince him he will go in. The more often we do it the better he is. If I’m on my horse and in the water he will walk straight in.

He was front shod when we got him but we transitioned him to barefoot soon after and he hasn’t had a sore day. He is great to do his feet, fabulous to clip and easy to float, worm, plait and do anything with really. He will stand tied happily to the float all day. 

My daughter can saddle and bridle him herself and he is great for the kids to do anything with him. 

He isn’t fased by dogs, crazy cats, quad bikes (I used to exercise him from our quad bike), sheep etc. 

Price includes some gear and his vast wardrobe of rugs (I’d say that there’s well over $1500 of rugs, just don’t tell my husband!!!). He is currently ridden in a gorgeous 14″ brown leather Icon saddle and that can be negotated with his sale if you are interested, however I’m just as happy to hold onto it too. 

Hundres of photo’s and video’s are available of this little man. 

He is only for sale as our daughter is ready for the next step up and that pony has fallen in our lap.

If you’ve managed to read right down to here you can probably tell that this is an incredibly difficult sale of a much loved pony and whilst I would love to keep him, he deserves to be being ridden and loved by his next little rider plus I promised my hubby that I wouldn’t hoard ponies. 

If I’ve managed to forget to cover anything please contact me. 

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