Poseidon Fury

Poseidon Fury



$1500 ono
Needs to be sold asap
Sebastian is currently in paddock condition as I no longer have the time to ride him, I also no longer live at my parents house.

Sebastian is a strong horse so does require someone who is experienced and knows how to handle a strong horse. He can be pushy, but once he realizes that he can’t get away with it he is great. Sebastian has competed in several ODE’s at
Serpentine PC and Murray PC and placed at each show.

Sebastian has been ridden by my nieces and nephews on a lead line and by my disabled father out on the trails.

Sebastian has had his teeth done this year.

Sebastian has a little fear of floating only because we had to evacuate through black smoke from several bush fires at the beginning of the year. He has been floated a few times since and been okay in getting in, although he can be a little hesitant.

Sebastian is a much loved member of our family and is up for sale only as I do not have time to ride him and as my mum would like to downsize from the farm.

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    Helen Begg
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    7th November, 2021

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