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Zodiac ( proceeds of crime) 
I brought zee straight off the track with the intentions of keeping him long term but unfortunately I have quite bad ptsd and loss of confidence from a bad fall off another horse before I got zee and therefore have come to the incredibly hard decision that I will never be able to get this horse to his true potential. And he is to good to waste riding in circles in an arena at home because the thought of going out of my comfort zone and taking him out gives me crippling anxiety. 
In saying all that this horse has never put a foot wrong AT ALL. For being straight off the track he has helped me get back into the saddle and riding after my broken bones healed and this sale is through absolutely no fault of his own. I just don’t have the confidence to take a young off the track out and about anymore and it’s been a hard reality to come to terms with 
Zodiac is around 16hh 6yr old gelding. Let down after racing and has commenced his ridden education. Real aim to please attitude and sensible but is young, green and quite sensitive so needs an experienced rider. He is quiet, great ground manners. Never bucked, bolted reared. Good doer, shod but is sound unshod ( good feet for a tb), teeth up to date, good with other horses, I haven’t floated him since I got him so this would be a question mark but he arrived in a truck and being ott would have been floated often I’m sure. He does get regular body work to help him in his transition off the track and this would need to be continued for a bit until he has built up topline and strength through his hind end. Is ready now for someone to take the reins and steer him through his next stage in life. 
I will be picky about who he goes and am in no rush to sell. 

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    Kendell Anderson
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