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Roany is a pretty-faced
welsh x, unregistered pony. He is 10 years old and was bred at the Judaroo
stud. I do not have papers. He has not been officially measured but I am guessing
He has been used as a lead
line, first and second ridden pony, he has showed and done pony club in the
past. Currently, he is best as a second-ridden pony as he has not had consistent
work. He has been floated to lessons fortnightly during the school terms and ridden
by my 9 year old young daughter who was learning to ride. This sale is only
because my daughter does not want to put in the work associated with owning a
pony. Believe me, this pony is too good to let sit in a paddock. My daughter can
walk and trot but never got to the canter.
Roany on the other hand has
done all this before. He is unfit, as it has been six months that he has not
been ridden routinely. Fortnightly lessons with an experienced and qualified
instructor ceased in September, all due to lack of motivation on my daughter’s
behalf; not due to any fault of Roany the pony.

Roany looks after his rider;
he is more whoa than go and will require a confident rider to push him on.
Consistent clear communication was not my daughter’s strength and this pony has
got through this with no fuss. He has been ridden by an older rider to primarily
discourage a trend of stop-start. The girl gently worked on a continuous ride
and into the canter, as this was not something my daughter could
do. This training was in March. There are signs that in the past Roany has had
laminitis, however, he is fed a low sugar diet and is kept off green feed. He
has not had this issue under my care since February 2020.

This pony is fine with
mowers, dogs, and has gone trail with another. Roany will greet his rider at
the gate and is keen to be ridden. He has no vice at all under saddle other
than he has a rough transition into the canter and recently a piggy into the canter,
lowering his head in the process which could unseat an inexperienced rider. He
has been reviewed by a Bowen specialist, to rule out anything sinister. Essentially, he is unfit and lazy
J. The right horse family and rider will sort
this out.

Roany is best going to an
experience horse family with child riders that have the confidence to lead and
is willing to give consistent training. His personality and nature is gorgeous,
however, he does have some of those stereotypical pony behaviours. He loves a
pat and some assurance. He is eager to please but is also super cheeky. He has
been known to open a gate or two, and pinch food out of a friend’s handbag. He
will make a family very happy, I have no doubt.  

A vet check is very welcome,
at the buyer’s expense. The last dentist check was in October 2020. His last vet check
was in February 2021 when I noticed he looked uncomfortable and was irritable.
Investigations showed he had sand in the gut and ulcers. Both issues are
sorted.  His feet are routinely trimmed
every month and are in excellent condition.

 Videos can be provided but please expect that I will not sell if he has not been viewed and ridden. Roany will not be sold unless the perfect family has been found. 
Ph 041 993 0266

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