Antyk Winchester

Tall , dark and Handsome



For sale on behalf of … he grew too big 
Gorgeous black FWB – suit pretty much an discipline 
Recently started undersaddle and now ready for the next progression in his education 
Totally blank canvas for someone experienced  wanting to bring on a big young horse 
Nice temperament and easy to train. 
Correct movement with good paces without throwing you out the saddle 
Soft baby frame not over reactive and not a dead donkey either. 
Has happily hacked out in the bush with company . Excellent with cars and farm vehicles. 
No vices , no buck , rear or bolt. 
Currently unshod , lives on hay , not ulcery, has a splint under NF knee. Won’t cause any dramas but would be noted 
If you have the $$ and ready to buy please call to discuss and book a viewing 
Due to his level of education he’s not really suitable for a novice or nervous rider . 
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