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People come from far and wide to have their horses stay here. What sets us apart? – it’s our commitment to healthy, happy horses and sustainable landcare. Sometimes the truth about keeping horses more like nature intended is inconvenient, but it’s what we strive for. We achieve it by…


 * We don’t isolate and confine horses. This means no stabling, no pens, no yards and definately no individual paddocks!  Instead each horse lives in a small herd where they have companionship, mental stimulation, and a reason to MOVE.  Movement not only keeps them happy, busy and engaged, it also means their metabolisms fire, and strong conditioned barehooves are achievable in the way nature intended.
 * We have a “Paddock Paradise” style track system. This means horses live in the herd on a track which joins all the pastures together.  The pastures are rotationally grazed, and aren’t for living on, just eating, so the land is kept in great condition. Track systems facilitate more movement than simply turning them out onto large acreage could.   It also caters for individuals- for example if your horse is fat and laminitic they can stay on the track and eat the  low sugar slow- fed meadow hay. (We are the laminitis specialists!)  If they have high energy requirements/can’t put on weight – they can head into the lush pastures for longer and be hand fed as much as needed.


* We offer half price in-house barefoot trimming. The Science of what shoeing does to a horse’s hoof function, eventual soundness, and comfort in retirement is an undeniable truth. 700% (seven times)  more shock travels up a shod horse’s leg.  Non horsey people get it….you wouldn’t choose solid steel Reeboks!  We can mentor you from shoes all the way to competitive barefoot performance because we’ve been there. The track system is integral to barefoot performance and landcare. We’ve trucked gravel onto some sections for hoof conditioning because you can’t ride them on what they don’t live on or aren’t conditioned to.  Bad lifestyles and lack of movement cause “bad feet”,  not mother nature!

 *Rugs aren’t needed here. They’re not made for athletic activities and will likely cause your horse to overheat and need to stand around. Perth has a Mediterannean climate, and horses have a body mass, metabolism and comfort zone vastly different to humans. You won’t hear this from the retail shops!
 * We use low sugar high nutrition feeds. Sugary hay such as Oaten causes insulin resistance & rotts teeth. Instead horses have 24hr access to high nutrition low sugar meadow hay in slow feeder nets with hay huts. Our mineral mixes are chosen for our pasture composition and soils which are laboratory tested.
*We routinely hear “my horse looks so happy”…..looks healthier….. fitter…..more relaxed….  Displaced behaviours and stress/anxiety sometimes disappears. We have horsey companions to sort out many problems the natural way.
* FACILITIES… big shady paddocks of year round feed, some irrigated. Some steep areas for growing youngsters or for the fatties to constantly have to climb!  Safe electric fences with minimal wire. Two track systems- one for Fatties/Laminitics, one for everyone else.  Floodlit railed arena, 20 m roundyard, lovely brick stables and undercover area to tack up/ store your gear.  Float parking.  Pretty, picturesque property with 200m of watercourse 😊.
* LOCALITY …Safe, endless bridle path at the front gate, no roads. You can RIDE to the Equestrian Centre, Sunninghill Indoor arena, into the National Park, to the SJ and Adult Riders Clubs, to the Pubs- one of which has a hitching rail.
Relaxed friendly atmosphere. Full board only, $130 pw includes everything.  All enquiries welcome.

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