The natural, sustainable approach to premium agistment – Retirees, spelling and growing young horses



Ideally located near Donnybrook on the banks of
the Preston River the 50 acre property is perfectly suited for a small herd of
horses – with plenty of quality grazing land, water, space for the horses to
move as well as access to premium equine services.
Everything we do at
Arcadia Valley Agistment is focussed on optimising the physical, emotional and
mental wellbeing of horses and providing their owners with complete confidence
that they are being cared for in the best possible way.  
Horses need friends
which is why we keep horses in a small, stable herd where they can choose to be
alone or with company.  They are encouraged to move as much as possible by
mimicking a home range that they would have in the wild. The horses are
encouraged to use tracks to travel between water points, paddocks and rest
areas. Moving over varied terrain naturally conditions their hooves and they
build muscle strength and develop balance on the hills.  Importantly, they
have the freedom to choose and lots of stimulation.
Horses need constant
forage which is provided through sustainable land management practices
including the improvement of soil health rotational and cross grazing, best
practice parasite management , increasing biodiversity the minimal use of
 In order to support the horses’ diets we have engaged the services
of a qualified nutritionist (Jill Davis from Feed Your Steed) who provides a custom diet for each horse (balanced to the pasture and hay tests) which includes seasonally adjusted minerals .
We want you to have
complete peace of mind so agisting with us includes:
* daily supervision
*daily feeding 
*year round ad lib low sugar (tested) premium meadow
hay rolls
*5 weekly trimming
*organising vets, dentist, trimmer, bodyworkers, trainers
*Handling for the above
*assistance with minor health issues 
*flymasks and spray in summer 
*love and carrots
*photos and videos and we’d love you to visit whenever you want. 
If your horse has specific needs then we are more than happy to discuss those with you.
Contact us today if you are looking for premium, science based,
ethical agistment with your horses’  best life

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