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IV spent my whole life Riding and training horses, Iv trained with a lot of different trainers and horseman.

Everyday i spend with my horses i work on building a better clearer connection, built around a mutual respect. the horse having respect for me and me having respect of the horse.

I start with teaching people how to create that respect with moving the horses feet, my students that commit to regular lessons i like to keep them progressing and moving forward i think that’s very important so the horse doesn’t get bored and dull.

once the respect is there my focus then goes on building the horse physically and mentally and improving the riders skills to feel of the horse. I believe our horses are athletes and its vital that they work in good form just the same as it is for a athlete training in the gym.

Its something that gets built over a period of time, and its not something that you want to force, you want the horse to work in good form but relaxed and happy.

its a balance between pushing your horse to create progression but not pushing them so far that that particular horse cant mentally or physically cope.

if you never ask anything of your horse you will never get anything.

I had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks at a ranch in Montana at a buck clinic, I am a big fan of his and have also done a lot with Steve Brady and Ian Stewart. out of all the people iv trained with these have been my favorite and who i follow.

I love teaching and have a passion for helping people to push through boundaries and create a harmony between them and there horses, the more you put in the more you get out, i work on the rider as much as i work on the horse its important as your horse progresses that you progress as a person and rider.

Located in lower chittering area.

Book in for a lesson or leave your horse/pony for re educateing or starting.

Jade – 0439966202

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    Jade Shelton
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