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Welcome to the DvZ Stud website. Here you will find information on the broodmares, horses for sale, horses out competing and stallions we have used and are interested in using. Anything you would like to know just contact me. You can also find us on Facebook under my name and also the DvZ Stud Group of friends and fans. Join us and stay in touch on all the happenings with news, photos and check out video's at www.youtube.com/dvzstud

Although there is world wide emphasis on breeding either a jumping- or a dressage horse, I have always maintained that I want to breed an athletic horse rather than try and breed a specific dressage or showjumping horse. I wanted a horse with good hock action that has plenty of power behind, one with a good shoulder. Because whether you aim for a jumper or a dressage horse, if it cannot use its hindquarters (the engine) properly you are already lacking. The result after years of applying that philosophy the DvZ brand can be seen in the three disciplines by over a dozen horses in four states.

May you find your next horse at DvZ Stud!

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