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DvZ Stud is based on 170 acres of undulating pasture in the beautiful Chittering district. (just under half an hour from the SEC or Brookleigh).

We offer long and short term agistment and specialise in young growing horses and broodmares. We foal down and take the utmost care with the young foals. 

We also cater for stallions and competition horses in need of a break.

The paddocks vary in size from 1 - 60 acres and anything in between. Most are electrified. All paddocks have beautiful big shady trees, two paddocks have dams. There are lane ways between paddocks

Most horses that come for a spell or here for a rest, but if need to there is a round yard and arena that can be used.

There is a crush and we have two stables. The smaller one is available at all times. The large one is for broodmares and foals, if needed.

We provide hay and mineral blocks plus also Econovite loose mix mineral supplement which also contains zeolite.
Hard feed is extra.

We can use the vet of your choice or our own vet. The farrier comes every 6 weeks. 

We take care of everything, you just drop of your horse and we take look after it as if he/she is our own.

We have had horses here that stayed up to 2 years and more, especially when they came as weanlings and left as young adults. So whether you want your horses to have one month spell or a years holiday, whatever the time period, your horse is welcome.

Feel free to come and visit and check all facilities.


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Smaller Paddock

Plenty of Water

Arena with Jumps

They love the dam

Hay shed paddock

View from Blue Plains Road

Round Yard

Youngsters in the dam

crush with special foal area next to crush


Stable and yard


holding yard and shelter in laneway paddock


stable (1 large/ 1 small) plus feed area


“I agisted my broodmare at Dolly’s prior to foaling, for foaling down and until her foal was weaned. Dolly is an extremely knowledgeable horsewoman and this was reflected in the excellent care and health of my very special mare and foal. Dolly made the whole process of foaling down, re-inseminating the mare and weaning a wonderful stress free experience. Dolly’s property is a lovely place and provides a rare opportunity to have your young stock grow up in a natural herd environment, where they can run and play with other foals their own age, which is as much an important part of their physical development as it is for their mental development. When it comes to your precious horses - if they can’t be at home with you, they need to be with someone you can really trust. Thank you Dolly for helping bring my little Victoria into the world and giving her such a great start to her life. “
Sincerely, Gemma Davis - Meadowbrook Park WA 

"My two horses have never been looked after better nor looked better. Dolly saved my old horse's life with her expert care and nutrition advice. As far as I'm concerned, they are never leaving the stud!" Lauren McCann

“Our imported stud stallion/dressage horse 226 Favory Naussica (‘Maestro’), was looked after by Dolly van Zaane at DVZ stud for four months during 2010.
He was returned to us in a relaxed state, in excellent condition. Consequently we were very happy with the level of care that had been given him.
We were provided prompt updates on his condition whenever we wished to know, and found Dolly efficient and pleasant to deal with.
We would recommend DVZ for agistment for a stallion, or for any other stock.” Georgina Beard The Fulmer Rise Stud

“Dolly van Zaane looked after one of our precious showjumping boys when he required rest and recuperation for nine months. The care and attention to detail our boy received was second to none! His coat was the best we had ever seen it, he was in great condition and has gone from strength to strength since his time with Dolly. Truly a fantastic "hotel" for horses, in terms of care, location and facilities. I cannot recommend Dolly highly enough.” Cathy Whitehead

My six broodmares have been on a six weeks spell at DvZ stud. I felt I could leave them there with peace of mind as I just knew Dolly would look after them as if they were her own.  The horses just loved it and it was a very happy bunch that returned home at the end of the stay. Dolly is not only very approachable regarding the specific needs of the horses, but also such an experienced horse person that you feel sure she will pick up any little problem the horses could encounter. I can warmly recommend DvZ stud for agistment for any horse.
Lotte Reib Mapinduzi Performance Horses




DvZ Stud contributes to the RIRDC Equine Research & Development programs

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