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I have been very successful with my AI program and it is my believe that that is a direct result of several factors:

Top quality & spacious pasture
Excellent & dedicated Veterinarians
Above average semen quality
Mares that are healthy & happy

Together that spells TEAM.
A successful breeding program is a team effort. My thanks must go to GINGIN Veterinary Clinic Dirk & Katja Bolsenbroek for their friendship dedication to the equine artificial breeding techniques.
Contact them on 08- 9575 2274 or email:
[email protected]

Dolly with Rebellion

The Stud is located at 415 Blue Plains Road in Chittering (about 45 kms.North from Brigadoon and the Swan Valley)
Tel: 08-9576 0824
mobile: 0419 855 313 
E-mail: [email protected]

DvZ Stud contributes to the RIRDC Equine Research & Development programs

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