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Welcome to the For Sale page of DvZ Stud.

Here you will find a selection of youngsters for all three disciplines. Buying a young warmblood is not always an easy process. The more you look around the more confusing it gets as most breeders (of course) make them all look and sound like the very best around!

At DvZ Stud Sport horses you will NOT find any superlative adjectives such as: "Grand Prix potential"  or "stunning" or other such over the top remarks, especially when they have a price tag that really does not reflect those comments.

What you WILL find at DvZ Stud are young sport horses that are bred to do the job. In 2011 there are some 17 DvZ bred horses in 4 states that will be out in all the 3 disciplines of dressage, show jumping and eventing. This does not happen by 'accident' this is the result of continuous research by matching stallions with the mares. Most of the mares I bred and some of the youngsters here for sale are the result of 4 and 5 generations of successive genetics. Horses with the DvZ brand have been WA State Champions in jumping and dressage: DvZ Fuerst Figaro - D and C Grade in 2004; DvZ Fabergé  - 2005 D-Grade champion & 2005 D- Grade Horse of the Year (WA); the 2006 C-Grade Champion and in 2010 (over 2009 season) the Tekna Leaderboard overall winner Young Rider Selection Series ridden by her owner Anna McGregor. In 2010 at the highest levels this combination never touched a rail all jumping season in WA. They are the winners of the 2010 Patrons Cup and are the current 2010 WA A & B Grade State Champions. THE 2010 EA WA SHOWJUMPER OF THE YEAR ! DvZ Faroche - 2003, 2004 and 2005 Young Dressage Horse Champion (WA). The 2005 Elementary Horse of the Year (WA), 2006 and 2007 Medium State Champion. In eventing there is DvZ Debonaire who won the 2010 Rising star award.

Because of the successes over the years DvZ Stud sport horses are in great demand and  most of the youngsters are sold before they need to be educated. I can help you choose a DvZ stud horse that will suit your riding style and ultimate goal. You are welcome to visit and view the horses.

Check out the video clips at http://www.youtube.com/dvzstud


    DvZ Fanya

    born 1/11/10

    DvZ FANYA is a tall (17.1) dark brown mare. Green broke. Super paces with elevation and rythm. Recently free jumped for first time and she shows super talent for jumping. Fanya can be either a dressage or a jumping horse.  

    Her sire is SOPRANO ( Sandro Hit x Contender) and her dam is DvZ FAROCHE who was a champion dressage mare a few years ago, winning 3 years in a row the Champion YOung dressage Horse of the Year and subsequenbtly she won WA State titles each year from Prelim to Medium.

    The lovely mare DvZ Fruehling ridden/trained and campaigned by Martine Fitzi-Schmid is also by Soprano, and Faroche is out of DvZ Finesse, one of the most important mares of the stud.

    DvZ Fanya is a lovely horse with a kind trainable temperament. for the serious rider. At three years old she stands 17.1  or 174 cm tall and she still has some growing to do!

    This is a serious horse for the serious competitor.

    We do payment plans.

    DvZ Fanya

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    DvZ Fanya




    DvZ Fiesta

    born 8/12/12

    DvZ FIESTA is by the Thoroughbred stallion Tchaikovsky (ASB Destructive Action) and out of the champion dressage mare DvZ FAROCHE

    Fiesta is a wonderful example of using the interesting cross of a warmblood mare and thoroughbred stallion (instead of the usual cross of tb mare and wblood stallion). 

    This is a real nice filly, already well developed, yet elegant and modern of type. A real athlete. I think this filly will event.

    The dam, Faroche has super paces, very athletic, she is by the jumping stallion Laroche VDL (Concorde x Nimmerdor) And out of DvZ Finesse who produced many quality sport horses : DvZ Fruehling, DvZ Funtimes, DvZ Faberge , DvZ Infini etc etc. A dam line filled with sport horses !

    Mature approx. 16.2hh

    DvZ Fiesta


    DvZ Fiesta

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    DvZ Fiesta

    DvZ Fiesta



    DvZ Fleurica

    born 7/1/2010

    Filly by the champion young show jumping stallion CARPINO Z owned by Yalambi stud. Fleurica's dam is DvZ Fuerstin Fleur (BBD Fortune x Falkland) the full sister to DvZ Fuerstin Finesse.
    Fleurica has the nicest temperament and just wants to be with people all the time. She also shows talent for jumping as can be seen by these photos (taken Jan 11)

    Her dam has already produced a couple of quality jumpers with Steinhart Freya (Landor S) who was owned by Nadia Arnaud. Freya won a class  at the Yalambi Easter show in 2010. She was sold to Indonesia. Fleur with Quasimodo Z produced DvZ Quintara who was sold to Kath Inglis. Quintara is only turning 4 this year.

    Fleurica's direct family are jumpers as well as she is directly related to the champion jumping mare DvZ Fabergé.

    back on the market due to buyers default

    DvZ Fleurica

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    DvZ Fleurica




    DvZ Tres Bien

    born 5/11/09

    By the young imported stallion AEA Tuschinksi - sire Tuschinksi KWPN by Krack C and out of GRIBALDI dam. Gribaldi, of course, is the Trakhener sire of the current unbeaten super star Moorland's TOTILAS ridden by Edward Gal.

    DvZ Trés Bien is out of DvZ Finesse, who is the dam of multi state champions DvZ Faroche & DvZ Fabergé, and also DvZ Fanfare, DvZ Infini, DvZ Funtimes, DvZ Fruehling and DvZ Fantasia.

    Trés Bien is well built, has super paces, and a very tractable and sensible temperament. He has the 'wow' factor written all over him.

    DvZ Trés Bien is for sale and would be of interest to the serious competitor.

    Upper price bracket.

    AEA TUSCHINSKI (sire of DvZ Trés Bien)
    (sire of DvZ Trés Bien)

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    DvZ Tres Bien

    DvZ Tres Bien .DvZ Tres Bien

    .DvZ Tres Bien.

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    DvZ Grandeur


    Colt foal by GRISHAM (Gribaldi). Grisham was the only Gribaldi son in Australia and sadly passed away late 2010. Here is a rare opportunity to own one of the few foals to be born by this classy stallion.

    Grandeur's dam is the Thoroughbred mare Sligo Classic who is by Our Poetic Prince. Sligo raced in the city (Victoria) and later in the country before retiring as a broodmare, she has offspring racing. Grandeur is her first warmblood foal. Our Poetic Prince is well known for his eventers, and Grandeur being a mix of thoroughbred, holsteiner and trakehner, he could well be aimed at an eventing career.

    He is a nice tractable foal with good paces.

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    DvZ Grandeur

    DvZ Grandeur .DvZ Grandeur

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    DvZ Tiffany

    born 5/11/2010

    DvZ Tiffany is by the imported Contender stallion Cooperit (stands at Belcam Qld). Contender is one of the most influential stallions in modern sport horse breeding with over 60 approved sons and many many competing all over the world.

    Tiffany's dam is DvZ Tenacity who is by Grand Espoir out of a xx mare with Noble Commander x Bandmaster breeding.

    Tenacity has produced some super horses for DvZ Stud with DvZ Terika, DvZ Tarantella, DvZ Parzival and DvZ Toshka. All of them are in competition homes in WA.

    Tiffany is a friendly foal, a nice bay colour with 3 good paces.

    Mature maybe a 16+

    Price is negotiable & payment plan can be discussed.

    In case Tiffany is not quite what you are looking for then DvZ Stud has several other youngsters for sale. As DvZ Stud horses are popular due to the success of over a dozen horses out in competitions, we rarely have ridden horses for sale. Most are sold by the time they reach 3 years of age.

    DvZ Stud are the breeders of the 2010 EA WA Show jumper of the Year (DvZ Favbergé) and the 2010 eventing Rising star Award (DvZ Debonaire). In 2006 DvZ Faroche was the EA WA Elementary dressage horse of the Year.

    DvZ Tiffany

    DvZ Tiffany .DvZ Tiffany

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    DvZ Irocco

    (29-10-2008) dark bay gelding with lots of bling!

    By DvZ INFINI (Indoctro) out of Yetar Springs Jardina (Jadalco x Talisman x Lord) Jadalco jumped GP with Vicky Roycroft; while Indoctro is a leading jumping sire in USA& Europe. Impressive jumping bloodlines matched with a very nice trainable temperament.
    Very good conformation, straight legs, strong build.

    Due to incompatibility Irocco is back at the stud. He is for sale. He is lightly educated (very green).

    Click Here to view Irroco jumping...

    DvZ Irocco

    DvZ Irocco


    DvZ Valdi
    Sire: Val D'Isere Dam: DvZ Astra

    born 23/12/2009

    DvZ Valdi is young gelding bred to jump of modern elegant type. His sire is the well know jumping stallion Val D'Isere VDL owned and ridden by Rory Hovell.'Val' is by VDL Atlantic who is by Accord II and out of a Nimmerdor mare.

    Valdi's dam is the young jumping bred mare DvZ Astra who is by the Indoctro stallion DvZ Infini (now owned and campaigned by Rachel Andrews). Astra is out of one of the best mare lines from Barrabadeen Stud: BBD Astral (Wildfeuer x Calypso I).

    Valdi is Astra's first foal. You can find his full pedigree click here 

    Valdi had his feet trimmed from a few weeks old, and is regularly dewormed.His further education  will start soon with the cooler weather.Valdi might mature around 16.1 or maybe more. He has 3 good paces with an exceptional walk.

    The jumping photo shown here, was his first ever attempt at jumping. (taken 3/4/11)

    Payment plans are available with and without a deposit. Conditions apply.
    DvZ Stud horses are purpose bred and are from excellent mares.

    DvZ Valdi

    DvZ Tres Bien .DvZ Tres Bien


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    DvZ Aster

    born 11/12/2011

    DvZ ASTER is a red bay filly DOB 11/12/10 by the sensational jumping stallion CARPINO Z (Rory Hovell) and out of the specifically bred mare DvZ ASTRA.

    Aster is a strong built filly, quite correct conformation, nicely uphill with 3 good paces and a terrific attitude.

    Via her sire Carpino she carries Carinjo, Cascavelle and Capitol I lines. While via her dam she carries Indoctro, Wildfeuer, Calypso I.

    These are huge names in the jumping world, well established stallions who have made a significant contribution to the show jumping sport.

    DvZ Asther has many generations if imported breeding. She is an exciting prospect for the competitive rider as well as for breeding.

    Asther is her dam’s second foal. The first one is a yearling gelding DvZ Valdi by Val D’Isere.

    As I mentioned DvZ ASTRA was bred on purpose. She was the last foal of Barrabadeen Astral (Wildfeuer x Calypso I) in 2005 at the age of 21. 

    Astra was also the dam of DvZ Goodwill (Goodtimes) who is now in Tasmania.

    BBD Astral’s grand dam is Fama (Farnese) a mare who has been of great influence via her offspring such as her important stallion sons BBD Fortune (exp USA) and BBD Troubadour (GP Dress) and her daughters BBD Astrid (Calypso I), Fairness, Fakara and a few others. Fama is a dominant mare and by line breeding to a superior mare via different individuals you hope to really benefit from those important genetics.

    Barrabadeen Fortune is the sire of DvZ Stud’s matriarch mare DvZ Fuerstin Finesse. Finesse is the dam of DvZ Infini.

    By combining DvZ Infini with BBD Astral, both carrying FAMA (resp. 4th and 3rd generation), I have a purpose bred mare in DvZ Astra with whom I hope it will be easier to breed superior jumping horses.

    So, after that extensive explanation, which I feel is important to realise and understand the value you get by purchasing DvZ ASTER!!

    DvZ Aster

    DvZ Aster .DvZ Aster

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    DvZ Stud has proven sport horses and at the EA WA Awards night DvZ Fabergé (out of DvZ Finesse) won the Showjumper of the Year award and DvZ Debonaire (Dutchman) won the Rising star Award for Eventing.

    Ask for the full list of horses out competing in 2011.

    Watch video of dvZ Aster here: 


    Payment plans available after viewing the horse.

    mature approx. 16.1 - 16.2 (guessing here!) 




    DvZ Stud horses are in high demand due to the successes in the competition ring: 2006 we bred 3 State Champions! More and more people want to own and ride a DvZ Stud horse.

    The following DvZ horses have found a new owner:

    DvZ Infini (2000) by Indoctro out of DvZ F. Finesse was sold on (January 2011) to Rachael Andrews for a career in jumping and eventing.

    DvZ Toshka (2004) by Speratus imp. out of DvZ Tenacity sold to Lucy Spittle for eventing

    DvZ Imani (2008)  by DvZ Infini and out of Calcarra Modesty sold to Tina Bodle for jumping.

    DvZ Fuerst Figaro - 1996 (BWS Figaro imp. x Fuerstin Faustina > Falkland x Monopol) sold to Cindy Morrison of Victoria

    DvZ Imani  - 2008 (DvZ Infini x Calcarra Modesty) sold to Tina Bodle for jumping

    DvZ Tamara DvZ Tenacity (Grand Espoir x Helendon xx - Noble Commander XX) a black filly by Figaro to Julie Howe of Bindoon

    DvZ Destiny (born 2004) by DvZ Infini x DvZ Desiree to showjumper Sophie Tedeschi.

    DvZ Fuerstin Firstime (born 2005) by Hold Up premier x DvZ Funtimes to showjumper Anna McGregor

    DvZ Fuerstin Fantasia (born 2006) by Mayfield Pzazz x DvZ Fuerstin Finesse to dressage rider Denise Barker.

    DvZ Defira (DvZ Fuerst Figaro x DvZ Desiree) born october 2006, is sold to Poppy Laws of NSW. Poppy already owns DvZ Dixi who just done her first prelim test for 75% and Poppy was determined to purchase Dixi's fullsister Defira! The studs retains breeding rights to Defira, for which we are grateful, as Defira is Figaro's last filly.

    DvZ Chevalier (2007) by Chico's Boy out of DvZ Desiree to Emma King for eventing

    DvZ Janou (2006) by DvZ Goodwill out of YS Jardina to Annemarie Frank for showjumping

    DvZ Cicero (2008) by Chicago Z out of DvZ Desiree to Clare Poole of Tasmania as an all-purpose horse

    DvZ Parzival (2007) by Mayfield Pzazz out of DvZ Tenacity sold to Mia Harris all-purpose

    DvZ Mon Amis ( 2007) by Mayfield Pzazz out of Calcarra Modesty sold to Janet Myers as a pleasure horse

    DvZ Terika (2008) by Cooperit out of DvZ Tenacity sold to Rachael Andrews for eventing

    DvZ Quintara (2007) by Quasimodo Z out of DvZ Fleur to Kathrin Inglis for showjumping

    We look forward to see these horse develop a great partnership with their new owners.



DvZ Stud contributes to the RIRDC Equine Research & Development programs

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