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Equitation Science book for young riders

  • Business Name:Horses Hate Surprise Parties 
  • Business Address:Herne Hill 
  • Location:WA
  • Region:Perth
  • Town:Herne Hill
  • Last Updated:28th November, 2017 

Horses Hate Surprise Parties is the first book for young riders about the science behind horse training. It offers simple explanations of the principles of Equitation Science and offers an evidence-based insight into how the horse thinks, learns and behaves. It is full of useful training exercises and fun facts and is highly recommended for all young (and not so young) horse lovers. 

Order yours for just $29.95 today at

"There are many books for young riders about rider position, saddlery and grooming – but this is the first book that will teach them the scientific principles of training their horse. Riders of all ages will appreciate the insights this book offers into horse behaviour and how to correctly use learning theory. 

The exercises are progressive, easy to follow and clearly explained. However, the most significant contribution of this book is to make the scientific principles of learning readily available for young riders and this, as research has shown, can help to keep them safe. As such this is not only an enjoyable book, it is also an important one. It is my hope that this book becomes a core text for pony clubs across the world and all other junior equestrian institutions that hold human safety and horse welfare as their highest ideals. I am very pleased to recommend this groundbreaking book. It will most certainly save lives."

Dr Andrew McLean (CEO, Equitation Science International (ESI), Senior Vice Chairman, Human Elephant Learning Programs)

"We have been waiting a very long time to have the science of Learning Theory explained to young riders in a way they can understand.  This book is an absolute gem and is something no budding young horse trainer should be without.  A groundbreaker...."

Jody Hartstone - International Grand Prix dressage rider and practitioner of Equitation Science.

"Engaging, informative and practical – a rare feat! Finally, a presentation of Equitation Science which will not only inspire young trainers, but help to keep them safe. This book is the next step in the evolution of ethical, horse-friendly training."

Nicki Stuart – Principal, Kersbrook Equestrian Centre. ESI Assoc. Dip. NCAS(1)

Order yours for just $29.95 today at

Sophie Warren Equestrian
Tel: 0418117383
Mobile: 0418117383

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