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Common Terms Used in Ads

Common Horse Terminology

We have noticed that there are some common terms used in ads on that some people new to this industry may not be familar with, so we have compiled a list of the most common terms used in ads. Please feel free to email us with any more abbreviations or terms we have overlooked which you feel need more explaining. CC


Bombproof – this expression is used to describe an old horse/pony or a sensible horse that not spooky and is not fazed by much in life. Though sometimes this expression can be overused

Quiet – used to describe a young horse that has been well handled and is good to catch, tie up and lead. When referring to a ridden horse usually indicates a well behaved, well mannered horse

POA – Price on Application

‘Green Horse’ usually indicates a young horse just broken in recently and is still establishing basic riding. Some horses can remain quite green until 5 or 6 years of age

‘Confident rider needed’ – often cited when a horse has a strong personality or has developed a bad habit and indicates a forward moving  type of horse – think ex racehorse

ONO – Or Nearest Offer to price quoted in ad

 NEG – Price Negotiable also might say ‘price negotiable but the home is not’ which means they are looking for their horse to go to a specific home like showing or jumping or just a good home

FIRM – Price of the horse firm and not usually very negotiable

Time Wasters” – people who inquire about the horse but have no intention of buying

Buyer default – when the owner of the horse has agreed to sell the horse to a potential buyer but for some reason the deal has fallen through.

ARC – Adult Riding Club

P/C – Pony Club

PTIF – Pregnancy tested in foal

LFG – Live Foal Guarantee

AI – Artificial Insemination

ET – Embryo Transfer

c/f/s/w – good to catch, float, shoe, worm

All Rounders – Horses that have shown ability in a number of disciplines because they are easy to train with willing natures.

OTT – Of The Track racehorse

Novice – rider or horse that does not have a lot of experience

Schoolmaster – A well educated horse that does everything well

Started – A horse that has been started under saddle with a rider

Well Mannered – Doesn’t step on, bite or kick people on the ground or try to regularly dislodge riders

Professionally Trained – Has been at a stable training with a professional of a certain discipline/s

Should mature “”hh – Has not finished growing yet and an estimated height is stated usually based on parents heights

Needs Experiences rider – Usually indicated a horse with problems or a young horse and only for very experienced riders up for a challenge.

No Vices – Does not display any stereotypical behaviours or behavioural problems (See article on Stereotypies)

Broodmare Only – Only for sale to have foals for a person interested in breeding due to very good bloodlines or sustained an injury which has ended a competition/riding career

Lots of potential – Probably hasn’t done much yet, just been trail riding but breeding indicates a potential to be successful

Great Bloodlines – Somewhere in the Sire or Dams bloodlines there was a competition horse who was successful

Cow Sense – A horse (usually Quarter Horse or Stock Horse) that will ‘work’ cattle

Event Prospect – Big, fast horse

Dressage Prospect - Big, slow horse

Hack Prospect - Pretty with good conformation (see article on Conformation)

Sporting Prospect – Short, fast horse (Think Barrel Racing, Gymkhana’s and Rodeo)

Camp Prospect – Fast horse which can turn (Think Polocrosse, Team Penning and Campdrafting)

Endurance Prospect – Fast horse which will turn sometimes

Must sell – Generally there are unfortunate circumstances forcing owner/s to sell the horse usually followed by ‘All Offered Considered’

All Offers Considered – Make an offer on the horse usually close to what is stated in the ad and the owner/s will probably be happy to do business with you

To Show Home Only – Usually this means that a horse has been trained or educated for a specific discipline and the current owners would like to see him continue with this. They are looking for specific buyers only – not for sale for just anyone even if you offer them the money they are asking for the horse.

To Good Home Only – means the sale is dependent on the seller deciding if the home the horse is going to is suitable to them


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