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Stallion and Stud Advertising

The 2011 stud season is just around the corner and we thought it was worth discussing what it takes to successfully market a stallion if you are a stud.

How to advertise your Stallion - 5 P’s

Pedigree – Performance bred pedigrees are much more appealing to a potential breeder, and ideal conformation should be a given without mentioning. A poorly conformed stallion can have a much wider impact on the soundness of our future horses. Athleticism tends to be the general trend towards which we are breeding our horses no matter what breed they are. This is because well bred horses that are athletic and have great conformation are less likely to be injured or develop debilitating diseases meaning they will be able to compete for longer.

Performance – Your stallion’s achievements must stand out from the crowd in your chosen discipline/s. Generally certain stallions are preferred for certain disciplines because of their breeding and fantastic performance in this area so choosing a direction to concentrate your marketing will be a more effective use of your time and resources.

Professional Photos – Stallion must look their best at all times i.e. feed, rug and groom. When your stallion looks his best at all times it is easy to collate a photo gallery of beautiful photos to use in advertisements and for potential clients to look at if they are some distance away. A picture says a thousand make sure its saying good things by using a professional photographer!

Public Relations– You could have the best stallion in the world but unless anyone knows about him he will not get mares. The best marketed stallions advertise all year round when the majority of studs do not. Your advertisement will not get the exposure if you advertise a month before stud season with everyone else! There is a range of options out there to suit every budget. Online advertising for example is cost effective and all year round, whilst magazine advertising although a little more expensive can reach specific target markets.

Personality – Stallions should have that elusive X Factor and although many potential clients would like a stallion that is ‘bomb proof quiet’ a bit of spunk in a stallion should be expected! It is preferable that a stallion possess personality qualities such as a willingness to learn, a positive attitude and ability to form a bond with a human. 



 Trapalanda Downs Imprint (STALLION)Clare Downs Performance Galloway Stud 


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