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Frequently Asked Questions

I have received a strange email in relation to an ad - what do I do?

Please Click Here

How much does it cost?

Please visit our "How to Advertise" page for a full list of our prices for advertising on Cavalletti.

My ad is taking a long time to be accepted - how do I know if it has?

Once you have pressed submit the next page will be (in the case of paid ads) the payment page which gives you options for the payment of your ad. If you do not see this page it is likely that your ad has not been accepted. The cause is most likely to be the size of the photographs. Bandwidth restricts your image size to below 2M. Alternatively submit your ad without the photo and email it directly to us for inclusion with your ad.

How long before my ad appears on-line?

Your photo ad will be uploaded to the internet within 24 - 48 hours of confirmation of payment. All ads are moderated through administration and also any changes made after the ad is placed will also be subject to a 24 - 48 hours pending period. This is a security measure to protect advertisers and potential customers. Most websites are run by computers - ours is run by real people!

How long does my ad stay on-line and can I update it once it is there?

Your photo ad will remain on-line until it is sold. You can update the ad yourself or let us know and we'll do it for you. Changes will not appear immediately but will take affect within 24 - 48 hours.
However if you have not been in contact with Cavalletti Classifieds for 3 months after the ad was placed it will automatically be removed.

My photographs are taken by a professional - can I use them?

Yes - as long as you have the photographers permission and have paid any fees (to the photographer) that the image may attract for its copyright release. Contact us if you have any further enquiries regarding copyright.

Who owns the Copyright of a Photograph?

"The copyright of a photograph is owned by the photographer."
(source AIPP - Australian Institute of Professional Photographers)

My photographs are NOT by a professional - can I use them?

Absolutely. Ads that have photos, preferably good ones, invariably have more enquiries and therefore work much better and sell your horse or gear much faster.

How many photographs can I have?

You can upload 4 photographs in .jpeg or.jpg format

Are my photos returned?

If you wish to post your photos and have them scanned by us please include a stamp self addressed envelope for their return, there is no extra charge for this.

What is your success rate?

It is difficult to judge success rate as there are so many factors affecting the saleability of horses including age, height, breed, experience, price, location - and so the list goes on. It is however important to know that your horse will be seen by a large audience, larger than would be expected in a newspaper even. We have sold horses from Western Australia to Tasmania, NSW, NT, SA and Queensland and we have had listings from Queensland, NSW, SA, NT and Victoria. We have also have listings from the United Kingdom and the United States of America. We have had a lot of extremely positive feedback from both buyers and sellers.

Who can view my ad?

The whole world can view your ad but realistically you will probably sell your horse to someone who lives in the same state - or neighbouring state as you.

With secondhand gear - is it safe to buy and sell on the internet?

The vast majority of transactions are legitimate and what better experience that getting a bargain but it is always important to be aware of who you are dealing with when buying goods off the internet. Caution and common sense should be exercised and it is recommended that a 3rd party handles the payment for example COD is a good alternative. Any fraudulent activities will be reported to the authorities so please inform us of anything suspicious.

Having trouble with viewing photos?

Please disable your "Norton Internet Security" Ad Blocking. This software prevents adverts being shown correctly. Alternatively, make a "Norton Permitted URL".

What is your refund policy?

Refund Policy - There are no refunds or swap deals on advertising or portion thereof, once you have placed your advertisement with Cavalletti Classifieds.

I have received a strange email in relation to an ad - what do I do?

We regularly post scammers details on Facebook and Twitter

If you receive an email that seems to be a little odd usually by people from overseas claiming to be interested buyers and they offer to send a bank cheque worth more than the horse/item and then they ask you to return the balance - this is a scam and Cavalletti Classifieds recommends that you do not reply to any emails that do not appear to legitimate. Emails can also be in poor English and probably not asking the correct questions. If you are unsure please feel free to contact us. Alternatively there are some extremely good websites reporting on various scam techniques and what to look for:

Internet scams continue to target innocent users of the net, but there are ways to recognise scams from legitimate offers and places to lodge a complaint and seek advice if you feel you've been scammed.


Net Alert

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Consumers Online

Some examples - All scams and all too good to be true!!:

Thanks for the swift mail response. I am perfectly okay with your price. Am an agent and i have about two of my clients who are interested making immediate payment by cheque and it will be redeemed on your bank account in 2 to 3 days.
One of my client has responded positively and i have added my own profit as an agent to your own asking price and his ready to send payment immediately by a cheque, so bear this that any amount that is above your asking price on the cheque will be sent back to me for the pick up and for my own commission on this sales.
If you are okay with this conditions i want you to fill in the following information for the cheque to be issued and sent to you.
PHONE NUMBER( Land and Mobile) :
I will ensure that you recieve payment atleast in 10 working days. As regards the pick up as soon as you confirm to me that the cheque is cleared into your account, so i would be able to inform the shipping company to come for the pick-up and fetch it immediatelty to my client.
I want you to know that any profit i make from this transaction is how i earn a living. I look forward to read from you soonest.
Best Regards,
Emis L.....

could you deliver the horse you hade fore sale his name is ****** i
> think could you call theys two numbers (08)93716683 (04)00512367

How are you doing,Pls i am highly intresting to buy your (horse),and i will like to know your selling price,conition,pic's,And my mode of payment will be a cheque, drawn in your location,so pls if my method of payment is okay by you kindly get back to me ontime.

>My name is Lavar Hickerson. i am from stafforshire in london. i am
>in buying your Horses. i am ok with the inferior picture. if you are
>serious about selling your Horses do not hesitate to revert back to me on
>phone +447031847252. i would be making the payment with australia money
>order.send mail to me and tell me your final price.Just to let you know
>that my
>international shipping agent would handle the shipment . Get back to me
>soon as possible so that we can get this transaction started. I look
>forward to hearing from you.
>Lavar Hickerson

Hello, Am peter thomas,I saw your advert which you posted for sale(Used . Saddlery - Used . 32930 ) I'm highly interested in it,I will like you to send me the picture if is still available and the present condition,Don't worry about the shipment I have a shipper who takes care of the shipment so shipping will not be any problem,but before payment will be made i need to be sure of who i will be dealing with if you are going to be honest and sincere throughout the transaction. So to start with, signify your interest by forwarding to me your last offer as well ,I promise if all conditions and agreement are accepted and reached on time, payment will be made out almost immediately by CASHIER'S CHECK hoping to hear from you as soon as possible,Respectfully,Stay Bless. Best Regard

Dear seller,
>I 'm interested in purchasing your advertised 5 yr old grey gelding,and i
>will like to know the price if is okay by me.if I can pay with a cheque
>drawn in your location. If this is okay with you do get back to me
>immediately for me to arrange the payment. Concerning the shippment, my
>shipper will come and pick it up from your location as soon as we seal this
>transaction. Do
>get back to me immediately with your Full Name, Contact Address and
>Phone Number for me to instruct my client to make the payment ASAP. Hope to
>hear from you soon.
>Best regards,

Dear Sir/Ma,

I am a Veterinary Doctor based in London, England with most clients all over West African countries and UK cities, we also run many zoo in some African cities and London towns. I have Clinics in most West African and UK Cities. I once ran a Vet clinic and pet shop in 141 St George Terrace Perth WA 6000 before i moved back to London. I have an old client that contacted me, who's interested in your lovely Horse and also willing to pay me anything i charged to bring it to his lovely home, he's a Horse lover and Rider, we paid him visit every week for treatment to his Horse. He wants to package your Horse as a secret gift for his wife birthday coming up soon.

I will also like to know some few more things about the Horse.......

Vet Check history
Vet Certificate
Final asking Adoption fee
Gender or Sex
Home or House Horse
friendly with kids or not
mode of Adoption
More Pictures

Please get back to me with these information’s and we will proceed to adoption immediately. The Adoptee will like to know these and more before taking up the adoption. The Adoptee is in Victoria Park, he's a Liberian , his name is Fuller Pontiac, 384 Berwick St East Victoria Park WA 6101. You need not ship the Horse international. My shipper will come and pick up and deliver to the new Adoptee's home in Victoria Park.

Please let me have full informations................

NB: I will also need Your.....

Full Name

Full Address

Telephone number to reach you for discussion.


Dr. Kelvin Williams.

Tel +447031861368

Email [email protected]

Note: I will need to know your prefered currency as mode of payment

Should i make payment GBP£, USD$, Euros,

International Money Orders like USPS, Money Gramm, Wall Mart or Western union Money Order

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