Business of the Week

5 Minutes with Thompson and Redwood

29 July 2021

Thompson and Redwood are a stockfeed company based in Upper Swan, and while our equine range is our flagship, we make feeds for a range of other animals, from poultry to emus and even camels!

Full name

Joanne Wallace

Business name

Thompson and Redwood

When did you start your business and why?

Our feed mill actually started in 1985, so we've been making feeds for over 35 years now.

What do you LOVE about what you do?

We love animals, and good nutrition is vital for keeping animals healthy and happy. So we love making quality, fresh feeds that give them the nutrition they need.

How did you first get involved in with the equestrian industry and what attracted you to it?

Our team collectively has a long involvement with horses: fun facts - some of the areas our team has been involved in include eventing in the UK and jockeying in amateur races!

What is most rewarding about your job; what makes it all worthwhile?

Hearing from people who feed our products, and the difference that it makes to their horses.

What might our members be surprised to know about your business?

We actually export feeds and grains, and have supplied feed to royalty!

Who are your customers? What sort of riding do they do and what kind of horses do they own? How do you help them?

We have such a wide range of customers, from racing stables to eventers, pleasure riders to campdrafters, top performance studs and even work horses on cattle stations. Our equine feeds are tailored to the needs of horses in WA, to complement our pastures and climates.

Name one thing about yourself business that new clients might not know.

Our feeds contain locally grown ingredients and we make them to order - so they taste better and keep their natural goodness!

Show do you contribute to the equestrian community?

We support lots of different equestrian events and clubs, and are always open to sponsoring more, no matter the discipline! We also have a great team of sponsored riders - we chat with our team regularly, have team webinars and always cheer each other on!

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