Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cavalletti?

Cavalletti is Australia’s Equine Marketplace. Based in Western Australia, we’ve been helping people to buy and sell horses and ponies for over 20 years. You can also use our website to plan your show schedule, discover equestrian products and find local equine services.

What’s new at Cavalletti?

If you’ve visited Cavalletti before, you’ll notice we have recently refreshed our website. Our new online presence makes it faster and easier to find the horse, event, secondhand equestrian item or service you’re looking for. We have also introduced a number of new features including Lookbooks, and a Shop. We still have a number of new features to roll out and look forward to your feedback on the improved website.

How much does it cost to advertise?

It’s free to advertise second-hand saddlery, events, Clubs and to place a wanted ad. Other ads start from just $25. For all your advertising options please refer to our Advertising page.

How long do ads stay live on Cavalletti?

Every Cavalletti classified ad runs until your horse or item is sold. However, to keep the website current, we’ll remove any ads that haven’t been edited for 3 months.

Why can’t I see all the ads and photos on Cavalletti?

It’s possible that your Internet browser or Ad blocking software is preventing some of the advertisements or images from showing when you load the Cavalletti website. You may need to add our website as a “permitted URL”. If this is happening to you and you’d like help to view all our content, please contact us and we’ll talk you through your options.

I was a member on the old site. Can I still use my old login details?

Yes, we’ve brought all your old account information over to the new and improved website. You can use the same email address to login but you’ll need to set a new password.  Simply click the Login link in the top right hand corner, enter your email address and then click ‘Reset Your Password’ to continue. (If you’re on your phone, you’ll find the login icon in the bottom lefthand corner.)

I was a member on the old site. Where have my messages and favourites gone?

Due to changing technology, we’ve been unable to bring your old messages and favourite advertisements across from the old website. If you require a copy of your messages, please contact Kate and I’ll email what you need. We feel confident that you’ll love our new messaging  and favourites system much better than the old version.

I’m not a member yet. How do I sign up?

You’ll need to create a free Cavalletti account to use all the features on our website. To join the Cavalletti Community, simply click the ‘Join Now’ button on the top right hand side of the homepage. If you’re on a mobile device you’ll the option to ‘Get Registered’ in the bottom righthand corner of the homepage. You’ll be prompted to fill out your name, email address and choose a password.

Once you’ve completed the ‘Join Now’ form, you’ll receive an email requesting that you verify your account. Please click the link to confirm that you’d like to become a member of the Cavalletti Community. Once you’ve joined, you can place ads, use our internal messaging system and save horses, tack and businesses into your Watchlist to view later.

How do I post an ad?

On the top righthand corner of every page, you’ll find the option to ‘Place an Ad’. Simply click this button to see all of our advertising options and prices. You will be promoted to log in, or join Cavalletti, to access this feature,

How long before my ad appears on-line?

Your ad will be uploaded to the internet within 24 hours of confirmation of payment. All ads are moderated through administration (that’s me, Kate!). This is a security measure to protect advertisers and potential customers. Most websites are run by computers – ours is run by the Cavalletti family.

Using professional photographs

We’d love you to use photographs taken by a professional photographer, as long as have the photographer’s permission. Paying for the photo doesn’t always mean you have the right to use the image online. Please clarify this with your photographer before uploading professional images.

Suspicious emails

While most people who buy and sell through Cavalletti are honest and genuine, unfortunately there are also scammers operating online.

If you receive an email that seems to be a little odd (for example from someone overseas offering to send a bank cheque worth more than the horse) this is a scam email. Email written in poor English, or asking questions that don’t really relate to the horse or item are red flags. Cavalletti recommends that you don’t reply to these kind of emails.

If you are unsure please feel free to contact us.

Alternatively there are some extremely good websites reporting on various scam techniques and what to look for:


Australian Competition and Consumer Commission

Selling and buying safely

The vast majority of online transactions are legitimate but it is always important to exercise caution and use common sense when trading online. If something appears like too much of a bargain, it usually is!

In the case of buying horses and ponies, contracts are a good way to protect both the buyer and seller. For more advice on buying and selling horses and ponies you’ll find comprehensive advice in our Ultimate Guide to Buying and Selling Horses.

Any fraudulent activities will be reported to the authorities so please inform us of anything suspicious.

Do you still have a mobile site?

Cavalletti is now completely mobile responsive and can automatically detect if you’re on a desktop, phone or device. This means the old site doesn’t need to exist anymore. You’ll find that searching and sharing from your phone will be a lot easier from now on.

Everything looks different and I can’t find things anymore!

If you’ve been using Cavalletti for a while, I realise that navigating our new website might take a little getting used to. We think the new layout and search facility is a major improvement from the old website and it’s designed to be user-friendly. However, if you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch and I’ll assist.

All feedback is welcome and will help me to ensure Cavalletti is doing its job supporting the needs of the local equine industry.

I want to speak to a real person

Absolutely! You are always welcome to call Kate on 0416 224 680. We’ve also got a live chat system available to help with any technical problems you may have. It’s not a bot — you’ll be speaking with Kate or Jade! You’ll find the chat screen in the bottom right hand corner of the website.

IMPORTANT: Please do not use Internet Explorer, because it is no longer supported by Microsoft. For the best experience please use Chrome.