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Having trouble finding buyers for your horse?

2 May 2016

Having trouble finding buyers for your horse?

We know how hard it is to sell your horse. Apart from the emotional trauma of the sale, finding genuine buyers is the next hardest thing.

Advertising your horse is an art.

We think that advertising falls into two categories: ‘stable’ and ‘unstable’ advertising. You can advertise in an equestrian magazine or website. It is a paid ad and it is stable. The ad can be managed and updated and is directed squarely at equestrian audiences. It is there the next time you look at the magazine or website.

Unstable advertising is trickier. It is free and is often an advert placed on social media or general free websites. The majority of these are free, but can you find the ad the next time you visit? More importantly can those genuine buyers find your ad when they visit?

Did you know that some social media “gurus” say a post dies within 3 hours, while others say 5 hours (from This is not a large window of opportunity for you to find the right home for your horse. We are not saying don’t use social media, we are saying use it wisely. We are suggesting you share your ‘stable’ ad.

Find a trusted equestrian platform where you will already have an engaged, captive, equestrian audience. Place your ad, keep it up to date and share, share, share…

Share your horse ad on social media

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