Rider Story

The Diary of a Horse Lover, University Student and Jack-of-all-Trades

19 January 2017

The Diary of a Horse Lover, University Student and Jack-of-all-Trades

Dear Diary,

Today has been non-stop, and extremely exhausting. It seems some days getting out of bed is the hardest thing in the world, and being home before 6pm seems like a distant memory. I’m sure that I am not the only one who has questioned why I have chosen such a time consuming sport, surely every student that horse rides has? Daylight savings is a blessing; any convention that allows a few more hours of daylight is a godsend. There are just never enough hours in the day!

After a hard day studying concepts (which I’m sure I’ll never remember) and long days in a job which is merely a means to an end, my horse is the only thing that keeps me sane. Even if I don’t get to ride, just the small ritual of seeing her, feeding her and cleaning her stable are the things that make me feel like its not all for nothing. When the days feel too long, and all I want to do is sit down, or the mornings are too hard to face; I know she will always be happy to see me and I am always rewarded with a nicker in my direction.

Diary of a horse rider

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am under no false pretences. I know my horse is happy to see me because I am her source of food — nothing gets in the way of a Connemara and her feed. However, it’s that responsibility that keeps me going. She relies on me to feed her, care for her and make sure she has everything she needs. I am the first to admit she is possibly the most spoilt horse on the planet, but I take pride in that.

And then, of course, there is the grooming. There is nothing better than running a brush over her smooth coat, and scratching her in all the places she loves best. Removing all those last snags from her tail, and brushing until she shines like she has just had a bath is possibly the most soothing thing around. The best therapy is horse therapy.

My dear diary I must confess: I have not ridden in weeks. Every day is just too long, and I am just too tired at the end of them to even consider putting my foot in the stirrup. But after a long week, today I sat with my horse for just a couple of moments. I didn’t check my phone, or even speak to anyone else. I just enjoyed being in her presence, and I would like to think, the whole food thing aside, that she likes me just a little bit too.

I swear tomorrow I will get up earlier and ride. Tomorrow I will find the time to saddle her up and finally get back into the swing of things. Of course after I work, oh and look after that friend’s horse, can’t forget that washing I have been putting off either…

Ah hell, I’ll start on Monday.


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