Blue is regrettably offered for sale to a 5* loving home.
He is 7yr old and about 14.2hh, he has been used for farm work and pig hunting (he has carried wild pigs out of the bush) he is good on his feet, reliable out on the farm and has been ridden in both groups and on his own.
Blue is a Stationbred Stockhorse however we believe that there is some standardbred in there as he paces.
Due to the pace, he’d be best suited as a trail riding horse or farm hack, however, with an educated rider – never say never?! 
Blue is happy to walk up front or trail along at the back. He’s a go all day, get on type of horse.
Under saddle, Blue and never bucked, bolted, reared etc. he can have the odd spook but is generally really bold and straight forward.
Blues main vices would be he can be a real turd to catch until he knows you. He will come up to a bucket and loves a carrot! On the ground, he’s a bit of a bluff. He will snort and act wary, however we just ignore him and carry on doing what we need to. Saddle up, and ride away. With time and regular handling he’ll be fine but his “green” is definitely more on the ground than anything. Never looked at kicking or biting and has been good to float (have floated him around the farm etc)
Husband has used him on night rides out pig hunting, my (confident) 12yr old son rides him. We can leave him in the paddock for weeks and haul him out for farm work and other than the snorts on the ground, he’s always been good.
Good hard feet, doesn’t need shoes. Up to date with worming, chiro etc.
A genuinely cool little guy who just needs a family who can give him love – he’s currently just being pulled out for rides whenever hubby needs him.
Only for sale as husband is 6ft4 and looking for something bigger.
Has been paddocked alone and in company. Has been happy either way. Never been an issue.
Would probably make a very cool endurance horse for someone who wants something to have fun on!

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