Schockemohle Equitus Bridle

Schockemohle Equitus Bridle


The Schockemöhle Alpha Bridle has a specially curved cavesson which bypasses the main facial nerve of the horse for an anatomically correct fit.



The Schockemöhle Equitus Bridle has an anatomical design to provide your horse with the ultimate comfort. The concept behind this ergonomically shaped dressage bridle focuses on eliminating pressure and discomfort at the most sensitive areas and main blood vessels of your horse’s head. Well crafted from vegetable tanned leather and fitted with silver-colored hardware, it features:

  • Softly padded, curved cavesson shaped to bypasses the main facial nerve.
  • New positioning of flash strap supports unrestricted breathing.
  • Softly padded, contoured crownpiece that avoids pressure at the backs of the horse’s ears.
  • Wide, curved browband that avoids pinching in the areas of eyes and ears while offering a stylish look.
  • Cheek pieces with fixed button rivets allow quick, individualized customization.



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