Django Unchained

Potential Plus Thoroughbred



Django is a lovely big moving thoroughbred with scope to burn. I believe this horse will excel in a showjumping home rather than Eventing. 
With an extensive racing career he is green for his age, although his racing career assures you he is sound as a bell.

DJ had a short campaign through the second half of 2019, attending his first competitions and taking to it like a duck to water. Unfortunately he has not done much over the last 18 Months.
DJ completed his first eventing start at Moora 2019 in EvA65, only adding time penalties to his dressage score, placing 5th, and camping like an old pro. DJ attended the Off The Track Eventing GP 2019, with a couple of green rails in the 80cm. He is a lovely bold ride, rarely saying no.

Django is a very sensitive soul, he required a soft rider to hold his hand, although he tries very hard to please. 

Needs Experienced Rider.  He can be the typical ‘hot’ thoroughbred. 

DJ is susceptible is ulcers and we have found they are best controlled with ulcer paste daily and a certain diet.  
Excellent to float, shoe, clip. Happy to be left at home by himself. Does occasionally windsuck, and has had the odd rear under pressure – happy to discuss.

DJ is in work, he has been attending  a few lessons in the last 2 months with another rider.
EA registered and Off The Track WA registered.

For Sale due to lack of time and I don’t gel with him 100%.
Plenty of footage available

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    Emma Williams
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    2nd August, 2020


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