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Riba is a lovely mare that we have owned for around 5 years now. She has played high grade polo with my uncle from the age of 3 and when we got her she continued to play lower grade polo. 

She is an incredibly soft and responsive mare, works off of seat and leg aids, neck reins, and has all the basics plus some more. She can be a little spicy when coming back into work but it’s never nasty.
Riba can be strong when she is keen however has never bucked, bolted, kicked or reared. She gets along well with other horses however does have mare tendencies when in season. She enjoys trail rides and is comfortable around all types of traffic and animals, loves pine rides and having a stretch out. 
Riba requires a capable and confident rider. She can be ridden out with others and by herself, easy to float/truck, good for the farrier and dentist. Up to date on all necessary husbandry. 
Riba is only being sold as we have young horses coming through and she has earnt herself retirement from polo. 

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    Bonnie Rodwell
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    16th December, 2018

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