november, 2021

27novAll Day28Horsemanship & Cattle Working CampA fun and educational weekend of horsemanship (groundwork and ridden) and Cattle work, Event Type:Camp,Clinic,Course / Educational

Event Details

Join us for a fun and educational weekend of horsemanship (groundwork and ridden), Cattle work and playing with the Garrocha.


On Saturday we will start with our foundation groundwork that will build and enhance your relationship with your horse and allow you to progress much more safely and easier under saddle. Groundwork not only builds a horse’s confidence and softness it is also vital to help the horse to use its body in a bio-mechanically correct way in order to encourage self-collection and lifetime soundness.


Following on from our groundwork session we will get in the saddle and refine the aids that we need to communicate softly and safely with our horse under saddle. We’ll address common problems and you’ll learn why it’s vital to be able to ride your horse with your seat and legs and not your reins as the main toll!


Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning will be spent working with our beautiful herd of calm and quiet Droughtmaster cows. This is great exposure for your horse to gain confidence in a new environment. You’ll gain an understanding of how cows move, how to control their speed and direction and present them to your horse in a calm and safe manner. It’s an amazing opportunity to give your horse a ‘job’, put a purpose to what you’re asking of your horse and refine your horse’s movements such as shoulder-in.


On Sunday afternoon we’ll get out the Garrocha poles and learn to dance with our horses. There’s no better way to test your ability to ride the ‘perfect’ circle and really focus on using your seat and legs to control your horse’s movement. If your horse has never been worked with a Garrocha, it’s a perfect opportunity to expose him to something new and build his confidence.


Whether you have a young horse who would benefit from an outing, learning in a safe environment or an older horse with whom you wish to build on your relationship and refine your skills, this weekend clinic will be fun and packed with learning opportunities.

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