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Profile of a Bowen Therapist

Name: Candy Hudson

Job Description:  Equine and Small Animal Bowen therapy.  Equine Sports Therapy, Laser and Photonic therapy.  Mineral Salts for Horses, Dogs and Humans. Earlier this year also became qualified in Human bowen therapy. 

Length of time a treatment lasts can strongly depend on the animal.  I’ve had treatments last from 20 minutes up to an hour.  But on average they usually take 45 minutes.

How long have you been working there? 2 years

What’s the best part of your job? Working with animals.  Seeing and feeling the changes both physically and emotionally, and being able to connect with them on their level. Hearing the stories of these changes from the owners in the days that follow treatments.  It is very rewarding knowing you have made a difference.

What’s the worst part? Sometimes the weather, warm sunny days unfortunately aren’t an everyday occurrence.  Although most people have some sort of shelter.  I have worked in sheds, carports, under awnings of houses and under really big trees.  You find what you can at the time.

Do you have a favourite horse/client?  I suppose after awhile you have your regular clients and those animals really look forward to seeing you.  Dogs are very expressive as we know and get very excited when they see you and come and sit by your feet.  Horses can also become quite expressive with playful nips, and putting their bottoms in your face hoping you’ll start working there first.  I like them all as they are all individuals with their own personalities, very much like us humans.

Why did you become a Bowen Therapist?  I wanted to make a difference to animals.  I wanted to see benefits from my work and know that my treatment have made a positive difference.  I wanted to educate owners so that they can also contribute to their animal’s wellbeing and feel they are helping to make the necessary changes in a positive direction.

What skills and/or qualifications do you need to do this job? Diploma in Equine Bowen Therapy (12 month course) and Cert IV in Small Animal Bowen which can be completed post grad after your Equine Diploma.  I also studied other modalities so you have extra tools to work with in case they are required and so therefore you’re not limited in your range of work.

When working with horses some basic horsemanship would be beneficial.  Understanding their expressions and body language is a definite must if you want to find problem areas and also adjust how you work with that particular individual. This could also be said for working with dogs.  But if you really enjoy this work and listen to what they are telling you your intuition just kicks in and you start to work with what you are feeling as well as seeing.  

Any further ambitions with this job? As previously mentioned I’ve recently completed my human bowen therapy studies.  Working with the horse and rider is as rewarding as just doing the horse.  When you’ve talked with the owner for an hour trying to tackle an issue with their horse and nothing seems to add up, then get the owner on the table and find the issue is coming from them it can be rewarding to bring that awareness to the owner who is at least made aware of the problem and usually willing to make the changes. There aren’t overnight fixes with our bodies but at least there is awareness there and the changes can happen progressively.

Any advice to people considering doing this job?  It can take awhile to build a client base but once you have them you can build quite strong relationships and bonds with both the horse and rider (owner).

Be patient, if you’re running late be prepared to be late for the rest of the day because treatments take time and animals can feel if you’re not relaxed and trying to rush through the job.  Your treatment may therefore not be as beneficial as it could be. Animals can be unpredictable, and although you try and work as close to your timetable as possible this may not always happen.

Lastly but most importantly you need to “Enjoy what you are doing!!!”


Interview by Kate Bishop


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